Friday, December 24, 2010


All the blog hoppin' I did during give-a-way week inspired me to have a little fun. Seriously who does'nt love Mac-n-cheese! I think I will have to do some more of this "thread playing" later :)
What seemed to be the hottest item this year is the "Mug Rug" coffee goes on one end a treat on the other, I think this would be cute with a cupcake stitched on. I believe I know what I'm makeing for simple Christmas presents next year.

And a simple Batik pillowcase for a Christmas present. For those of you in the Non-sewing world (Mom, I know you'll ask) Batiks are a type of dyed fabric. Okay enough playing around, I have to get Christmas presents done!

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  1. I noticed the mug rug craze also; didn't even know the phrase until the giveaway. The whole free hand part would freak me out though - must have some rules! Pillow cases are always on my list for especially kids but rarely happen. When I was a kid my grandma Pearl always gave me new ones, and then my aunts later. I found one from my aunt that I am giving Christopher this year - simple applique bunny and carrot. You could freestyle it, you hippie you!