Monday, January 7, 2008

Dog Vest

I made this vest for our dog. I used one of my husbands work T-shirts and quilted it onto some black flannel. Now he can run around the fields during hunting season and be easily spotted.

Reversable Apron

I made this reversable apron for my daughter for Christmas. She is learning the family trade of making cakes professionally. My Grandmother made cakes for a living, and taught my sister, who in turn is now teaching my daughter. I personally cannot make a good looking cake, or maybe I just don't want to. My mother said after seeing one of my cakes that I made for my kids when they were little "boy, your sister certainly got all of the talent in that department!". I of coarse agreed. My idea of a cake is to throw the mix in the pan and slather on a can of pre-made frosting.


This banana pillow was a gift my daughter and I made for a family friend
I used iron on transfer for the words. I first put it on cotton fabric and them sewed the strips onto the fuzzy/furry yellow fabric. We are impressed with ourselves with how well it turned out because we had no pattern. Only our imaginations! I must say that it was stitched up and then taken apart and stitched up again. Ugh! there are a few perfectionist around my house who thought it needed to be improved. This was the final banana! Okay perfectionist (you know who you are) you were right, it looks better now.