Friday, April 23, 2010

Fessing up

I was cleaning my room today and un-earthed this quilt. I made this for my Mr. Incredible a few years ago. For some reason I am not super fond of how it turned out, have you ever made something and just thought (from a design point of view) what was I thinking? Anyways my hubby loves it and likes to use it -when its not buried- in the mess I call my room. I figured it was probably time to fess up and take a picture and claim ownership. Yes Mom, my room is still a mess, but you probably already knew that.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


okay, in the midst of my n0-time-to-sew-or-have-fun-april, I had to make an unexpected trip to see my parents in Florida (and don't I just love to say F-L-O-R-I-D-A instead of say...Alaska) Anyways since I flew down solo (no kiddo's or hubby) I had some free time on my hands. It wasnt until the last day I was there that I realized that there was a Hancock Fabrics just a few miles down the road from my folks. WHY my Mother, who knows I love fabric, did not tell me this sooner I can only speculate...hmm maybe it has something to do with all the piles of laundry I left lying around my room as a child or the fact that I-eh-hem didnt always listen. BUT had I known she would withhold this kind of information from me 30 years later I promise you my 8 year old self would have behaved! Anyways I found this great embroidery book that I got cozy with on the flight home, I stiched up this cute little squirrel and trees.
oh and I treated myself to some fat quarters :) I told my Dad (who had surgery) that he could go right ahead and schedule another one next year and I would gladly come down and visit them AND the fabric store ;)