Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Spaghetti

Awww....can you feel the love ;) I thought it would be nice to make something special for Valentine's dinner. But it does fall on a thursday, which is the end of my grocery shopping week. Basically that means there is not much left in the house, (well.. thats what the Hubby and Kids would say) but I made do with what I had. Actually I think it turned out great. I made the heart shaped meatloafs out of scraps from the fridge.. peppers, what was left of the green onion, and a few other things. I also made some of my fabulous rolls with garlic and basil. I thought the kids would complain about the spinach, but they thought it looked so beautiful they at it all.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

There is always room for 1 more.....right?

I keep adding machines to my dining room, each time thinking it will never fit, and always under the glaring eye of my husband, who does not share my vision. But, so far this is working. The girls and I can now sew at the same time. We each have our favorites. which makes for less fighting.

Waste not Want not!

this is what was left of the scraps from the pillows, which were made from the scraps from the Rag Quilt. And it does not end there, the scraps from the stools are now qualified to go in my actual scrap bin, for future use. Waste not Want not! I have been using my "new to me" Kenmore. I cant wait till the cams come that I ordered so I can try out something other than a straight stich.

Raggety Pillows

Ahh. I finally got around to making some pillows out of the leftovers from my "raggety quilt" which is a FAVORITE of all who enter here, Go figure. Now I need to take a nap and try them out.

Sears-Kenmore 158.1601

This is the newest addition to my now growing collection of machines, which by the way, I/we do use ........justification ;) ... I found this at a local thrift shop with no accessories, just the foot on it. The thrift shop made it clear to me that I was buying the cabinet it was in and not the machine. I was buying it for the machine, not the cabinet. Let them think what they will. I brought it home and oiled it up, and it stitches like a charm. The motor and underside are in amazing condition, like some one barely used it. I found some cams for it on Ebay and a manual on the internet. Now I will be looking for some feet. Yeah! I love a good find

Monday, February 4, 2008


Sadly my old purse gave out , so I had to buy a new one. Not much of a selection so I decided to bring home this one and spruce it up a little.

I cut off the strap, which was far to long anyways, and added some print fabric before re-attaching it. I also made a little pouch for my cell phone so that it would not slip out of the pocket. What I really want is one of those fabulous quilted purses that I have been seeing around. Walmart did not have any, and I am too busy right now to make one. Will have to be an upcoming project :) This will do for now