Monday, July 2, 2012

Upcycled Baby Quilt

 This challenge came from my daughter.
She requested a baby quilt made from thrifted fabric.
I suggested mens dress shirts,
This is what she picked out
 I chose the orange peel quilting pattern
to soften the look.I loved giving these old shirts
new life. Some lucky baby will get to
enjoy this soft eco-friendly upcycle blanket

Saturday, April 7, 2012

"Silk Tie" Dyed Egg

 Dye eggs with old silk ties!

Wrap raw egg in a piece of silk tie and secure with a twist-tie or rubberband
Wrap another piece of scrap fabric around that.
Add 1/4 cup vinegar to your water pan and hard boil your egg as usual
I boil for about 15 minutes
Let your egg cool before unwrapping

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kindle Fire

I've been cheating on my sewing machine.
with the Kindle Fire.

 This is the little book I carved out to keep it safe.
You can click here for instructions

I was going to cover the inside with some scrappy paper
but it just seemed to look fine as is.

anyone on the fence about an E-Reader?
this is probably the single most worthwhile piece of electronics
I have ever used.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


I'm just havin' some fun with the latest trends.
Embroidery hoops and buntings are everywhere.
And apparently so are mice, they have been leaving
me unwanted  messages around the house. They will have
to go. But this little guy can stay and hang around

In case you wondered?
Widgetworm = small fidgety-wriggly child 
 That is what I am guessing was the thought when
my Dad gave me that nickname. My brothers nickname
was Pattywaxel, and I used to secretly wonder if he had
alot of wax in his ears. Pat + wax = Pattywaxel?
made sense to the 5 year old me.

And this is where Mr. Mouse sleeps when he is not
hanging out with the scissors.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Cozy Quilt

I finished my first Cozy Quilt
I joined a local Cozy Quilts group almost a year ago.
Shortly after my Dad passed away from lung cancer,
I was talking to a friend about the Chemo-Caps
project that my Dad and I had been working on
during his months of Chemotherapy and Radiation.
And how I missed that special connection we had
making and giving those caps away.
She introduced me to Cozy Quilts Ministries, where
groups of ladies get together and make Quilts
for cancer patients. I feel in some small way
that Dad is doing it with me. So if your  looking
for something to do that will warm your own heart
as well as someone elses check out

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Re-fashioned Sweater

I bumped into my friend Mira from Our Daily Minutiau
the other day and she had on a great re-fashioned sweater .
She gave me a few tips and inspired me to fix this cashmere
sweater I have been holding onto. Thanks Mira for taking the
scarey out of this for me :)

Yup! it was that simple. I laid out my best fitting sweater
trace, cut, sew!

Blog Design

Its that time of year agian.
I get brave enough to re-do/learn/get-frustrated
with the design part of blogging. NOT my specialty.
I decided to search for some freebies. ShabbyBlogs
is where I landed. They have some wonderful graphics
and thier directions were fairly easy to follow. They also 
recommended Fotoflexer where you can do all sorts of great
 things with your photos!  I may have to do some experimenting.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


This is the fabric I found for  the swap


I made it into an I-Spy-Swap!
Midnight Maker

Lorelei at Midnight Maker is hosting 2 I-Spy-Swaps
( they are both now full) I thought I missed out
on yet another one, BUT I submited my name anyway
and I made it in as an alternate.
Here is a flickr group of all the fabrics in the Swap. 
Below are a few of my favorites

Monday, January 16, 2012

Lil' House

I was inspired partially by Scandinavian-Stitches
(which I do not own but have drooled over many times,
thanks to the local library and loitering in JoAnn's book section).
And  This  picture I found on Pinterest

 I would love to make a whole passel of these for
Christmas next year. Stitch my peoples names
over the door? Would be cute hangin' on the tree?