Thursday, January 26, 2012


This is the fabric I found for  the swap


I made it into an I-Spy-Swap!
Midnight Maker

Lorelei at Midnight Maker is hosting 2 I-Spy-Swaps
( they are both now full) I thought I missed out
on yet another one, BUT I submited my name anyway
and I made it in as an alternate.
Here is a flickr group of all the fabrics in the Swap. 
Below are a few of my favorites


  1. where will you get your fabric? This sounds like fun. Are you going to "just" sew the squares together, or do you have another plan? I kind of like the subway tile look (rectangles) but that might chop up some of the designs way too much.

  2. I got the fabric at Creekside Fabric & Quilts in Arcade. I plan on framing each one in white sashing and then having a very colorful binding. I also have an idea I want to sort the charms by color to give a rainbow affect.