Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Headboard Re-make

Blogland is harmful to my free-time. As if I dont already have a wish list of things to sew. Now I have a wishlist of things to build. I found My Re-purposed Life which is amazing. This lady can transform anything. You should check out her blog. My power tools were begging me to visit them. so heres what I did.

I found this old headboard at the local thrift store. I removed the thin paneling piece in the back and the pegs sticking off the top.

took some extra wood I had laying around (also repurposed from an old cabinet) and sanded it down roughly and cut to fit my headboard. I added layers around the top "Mantel" to trim it out.

put some scraps in the inside to hold shelves

lots more sanding to rough it up and make all the different wood tones blend

you wouldnt guess that there were two different types of wood and stain at the beggining.

nice primitive-rustic look. My fave

There it is, my new Faux fireplace-shelf-mantle. Now I have to make a screen for the front to hide all of those ugly electronics.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cardboard Jeep #2

For starters I did not make this jeep. Diana stumbled across my blog and saw the Jeep I made here and decided to make one for her VBS program. I actually like the height of hers better. You know that Imitation is the best compliment *blush*. Great job Diana and Thanks for letting me share the pics

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wood Box Footstool

Okay the cat is out of th bag, I found some REALLY beautiful furniture at the thrift store last month. I'm cheap, I never buy big ticket items (thats Mr.Incredibles job) but when I saw this set I HAD to have it. This has sparked a chain-reaction-redo-update of my living room because now my colors are co-ordinated. Instead of blue furniture that was my mothers from like 20 years ago (sorry Mom) I now have beautiful neutrals to work with. I LOVE NUETRAL!

I have a pair of these loverly wooden boxes that were screaming to have tops on them so they could be functional storage/footstools. I had to do it just to shut them up ;)

I cut a board the size of the top, and some canvas cut bigger than the board.

used lots of hot glue, I also stitched some velcro on top before hand so that my pillows would stay in place.

Waa-Laa! Happy box-Happy feet-Happy me.