Wednesday, June 29, 2011



I bought the first issue of Mollie Makes .

(There are exceptions to my cheap and thrifty rules.)

and Yes, that is a yard of Alexander Henry's Farmdale Fabric

Child #2 has graduated and will be leaving the nest. Leaving in his wake,

a spare room in the house.


Spare room?

Spare room?

Spare room!

No, I will not make the spare room a shrine to my son's life,

sorry that shrine is in my heart.

and THIS room is getting a re-do
My Way :)

stay tuned.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Grandpa Pants

You know what I'm talking about!? The kind of mens jeans that are stiff and plain AND just begging for someone to stuff a hanky in them? Where the back pockets are spaced so far apart you could park a Hummer?

Yes, those jeans.

Well, to get to the point.

I've always wanted to try moving the pockets on a pair of jeans

(serious bucket list stuff here)



I ripped off the pockets and the small "roebucks" tag.

( a girl has to have some standard ya know)

And sewed on this cute bit of ribbon.

I grabbed a pair of my favorite jeans,

with pockets in just the right spot to use as a guide.

and stitched them right back on again.
only now there's no parking space!