Sunday, January 31, 2016

Custom Rice Hot/cold pack

I have a friend that needed a heat pad for her knee.
You know that old saying "Necessity is 
the Mother of invention" well it was necessary,
 and now it is invented :)
 Here is prototype #1 which seems to work fine.
But after I made it, I decided I could do better.
So Its back to the drawing board one more time
to tweek some things. Then I will post a Pattern :)

Well hello sweet little rice wrap, Goodbye achy 
painful joints. You can see some of my other "Rice Bags" 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Burp Cloths

Beautiful little Foxes, Skunks and Racoons oh, my!
This was my fabric choice for a gender neutral 
Baby shower gift. Love Love Love the fabric :)
hopefully the recipients do too!
Double sided with superflannel inside for absorbancey 
I used one of my new tags, Yippie
I love sewing, have I ever mentioned that?
oh, yes...... like a zillion times.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Blog Tags

Finally, after many years of making tags
off the cuff, in the moment, at the last minute......
I decided to eradicate the problem!

I designed what I wanted, printed them off in mass,
in all sorts of colors of cardstock. (spent many hours
watching tv and cutting) and took scraps of colored
paper and made alot of pre-punched designs.
Now all I have to do is pick the color, add some 
cute embelishments and whew, NO more last 
minute designing. YAY

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Sewing Sanctuary

Been having fun in my Sewing Sanctuary lately :)

Beasley Bed Cover

I made a  Beasley Bed here  five years ago in January.
It was in desperate need of a new cover.
And Sir "Sleeps-a-lot" LOVES minky fabric!
he will steal it when he finds it. So.......
Rather than spend a fortune on fabric, I found this
Minky-like blanket for $20.00 at my local
Dollar General,Cut out a big circle, stitched a hem
around the edge for elastic.

 AND..... now I have a nice looking dog bed,
Plus a happy dog. (+plus extra fabric)

Raincoat Re-make

A needed a shower apron, for helping a friend.
AND.....y'all know I love a good challenge. Oh,
and the local Goodwill !
Challenge+need+Goodwill = sew much fun.
 I found this hideous ugly yellow raincoat on the cheap.
Chopped it up......(bonus) now I have more buttons
and clasps to add to my collection :)
and made a fantastic shower apron!