Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Rice Bags

okay this is one of my favorite and easiest gifts for Christmas! I love them myself , and I get requests for them every year. I have to chuckle when I go to the mall and they try to stop me to buy one of the expensive herb/grain filled bags. I can make one for a dollar fifty! My kids heat them up and put them at the bottom of their beds under the blankets to warm thier feet. I buy cheap 20lb bags of plain white rice. Herbs of every kind can be added. This year I made some peppermint eye pillows that you put in the freezer and pull out when you need to "chill out"
I also scan the fabric and print out matching instruction tags, this year I made use of some ribbon that I found at a yard sale back in august. I fill the inner bag with rice and sew it up. The outer bag fits like a pillow case and can be washed frequently.

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