Saturday, December 1, 2007

Rag Quilt Finished

okay , I thought that when I got to this part that it would be easy! Well it was simple, but time consuming. It took me over 3 hours just to snip all of the edges about 1/4 inch wide. My hand cramped up. I would invest in a nice pair of spring loaded scissors if I made another one of these.
This is the part that my mother would not approve of. The quilt is not finished until it has been washed and dryed. This loosens the fibers and causes the snipped ends to fray and look raggety. As I pulled it from my washer, I had a vision of my mother scolding me for treating my washing machine in such a way. I think it is well worth the mess :)
This is what all the hard work was for. The only problem now is that I need to make some more throw pillows to match.


  1. Hello! I am fixing to begin making a flannel rag quilt and had some questions about yours. What size are the squares you cut? and What size edge did you leave to fray? Thanks!

  2. The sqaures were 8 inches,and I left 1 inch to fray. Hope this helps.