Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wood Box Footstool

Okay the cat is out of th bag, I found some REALLY beautiful furniture at the thrift store last month. I'm cheap, I never buy big ticket items (thats Mr.Incredibles job) but when I saw this set I HAD to have it. This has sparked a chain-reaction-redo-update of my living room because now my colors are co-ordinated. Instead of blue furniture that was my mothers from like 20 years ago (sorry Mom) I now have beautiful neutrals to work with. I LOVE NUETRAL!

I have a pair of these loverly wooden boxes that were screaming to have tops on them so they could be functional storage/footstools. I had to do it just to shut them up ;)

I cut a board the size of the top, and some canvas cut bigger than the board.

used lots of hot glue, I also stitched some velcro on top before hand so that my pillows would stay in place.

Waa-Laa! Happy box-Happy feet-Happy me.


  1. Great re-do for the boxes...and glad your feet are happy!!

  2. I just love these boxes and can't get enough of them. I have them all over my house. You did a great job. I have never thought of doing that with them.

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    :) Michelle

  3. Yes yes, love it! I've long wanted to do something similar! You just beat me to it. :)