Friday, December 31, 2010

Finishing up Christmas

The last two Christmas presents are now done, finished after Christmas. My oldest daughter oohed and aahhed over this fabric everytime she saw it so I made her a throw pillow/cover. I had all sorts of ideas for the leftover half yard! BUT .... I gave it to her for her stash :)

i know where to find more ;)

The laptop case is for her boyfriend, they've been together for over a year so I figure he's good for homemade gifts :) the batik reminds me of the Nazca lines in peru, and I'M keeping the cast-offs from this. Now I'm off to finish a dog bed, which was supposed to be for Christmas but instead it will be "oh here! its January have a dog bed" and since its for OUR dog I think that will go over just fine.

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