Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Proof of life

When I scoot past my blog to get to my dashboard I am constantly reminded that I have NOT posted anything since last month. I like to keep myself updated so I have a visual of all I have been doing. Since most of that has been top secret and I cant post pictures, here is a note to self: Coffee mug on corner of table = .50 thriftstore find of the season and when filled with coffee a reason to get out of bed in the a.m. Cream colored paint on wall freshly done (Caution to self = dont wait till December to paint the living room). Jar of "purple goop" = failure to make grape jelly on the first try, although if anyone ever wants a grape gummybear recipe I think I found it.
Jelly-Jam-Preserves Success! as well as tags and bows for all and I feel a little less guilty about having NONE of my Christmas shopping done.
And the icing on the cake...........I won good stuff at the SewMamaSew giveaway day! I won these Moda Charms as well as some other goodies over at D is for Dovey . I will be daydreaming about what I am going to make whilst I prepare for Christmas.

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