Monday, December 21, 2009

Food Freak

I think there are a few people who think I have lost my marbles because I have stopped making my cookie trays and started finding healthier alternatives. This year I made jam and bread (whole wheat with flax and local wildflower honey). Click Here to see the vast array of sweets from Christmas pasts. But.... My marbles are all there, well at least all the ones I started out with anyways. I remember a few years ago (before I got serious about eating better) coming across people who were strict with thier diet and anal about what they would put in thier body..........I believe my reaction was something like P-f-f-t *food freaks*. Well I have willingly signed on to that bandwagon.


  1. eek, I think we got rid of some of those molds! I wish I had asked you first.
    recipe for bread?

  2. how can you loose your marbles if you never had them all to begin with! LOL! OKAY, we grew up just fine with all those cookies and fudge and such that mom and grandma would make...but I do agree with you partly. I like your idea of your bread and jam trays...very creative and unique and yummy. Great job sis!