Monday, January 4, 2010

Truth be Told!

(Note-to-self )when I look back and see how much sewing I was doing over the winter of 2009-2010 and wonder how I did it all? Truth be told ...... Stress Relief! I'm looking around at all of the projects I have going and want to start and think... Wait? What? Who? Me? Yes! Me sewing obsessively to avoid the reality of the major changes in my life right now. Child No. 1 has all but left the nest throwing me into fits of identity crisis. The reality of leaving my home of nearly 20 years for a different one. Mr. Incredible in the midst of a job change. AND I like the color Pink! (I believe this falls in the identity crisis category) I never, never, ever liked the color pink in my whole tom-boyish-dirt-lovin-hammer-swingin'-manure-flingin life! The world as I know it is no more. On the brighter side, there is alot of pink fabric in the world, So I am going to stress on.

I'm turning the charm packs I won from D is for Dovey into circles, which will turn into a loverly spotted quilt. Serger! Serger! Serger! I got one for Christmas! and I would hyperventilate if I said anymore about that

I made this great pillow from a pattern in this book I checked out at the library. Two-Hour Mini Quilt Projects - by Mackenzie Kate

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