Sunday, January 10, 2010

of Rants and Re-makes

Okay, the T-shirt remake first. I am totally in love with the idea of making things from old t-shirts, so when my friend Mira from our daily minutiae posted a pair of yoga pants on her blog I had to give it a try. It was soooo easy and took less than 15 minutes*. I used a size 3x mens shirt and it fits my size 14 kaboose with lots of room to spare. clip off sleeves and top of shirt. Clip down the sides of the shirt, so the front and the back are separate.

Fold each piece in half and stitch up from what would have been the bottom of the shirt to the armpit. Then stitch both armholes together to make the crotch seam, add a waist band and you have a comfy pair of sleep pants.
* NOW about the rant. Remember when I said that it only took me 15 minutes to make these? thats because I was careless and stupid and impatient and unkind to my new serger, I had assumed it was a beast and would cut through all of the old seams and junk and crammed the thing through in a hurry and and *sniffle* I broke-dulled-ruined-??? my blades *sniffle*. TOTALLY my fault, not the machines or the fabrics or the dogs. all mine. BUT and here is the rant. Sewing Machine Manufacturers PLEASE take note: I will pay an extra $1.00 or 2 or 5 or whatever if you would P-l-e-a-s-e give me a separate manual in English! Its not that I dont apprieciate Spanish or French or Slavic. I love them all but NOT when I am mad and doing stupid things to my machine and I live in an English speaking country where I paid English speaking dollars$$ for a machine that I could curse to in English. K? good, now I am off to find out how much extra blades are for my machine :(


  1. that's great :) I mean, that's horrible :( and what is it with the manuals in everything BUT english!

  2. LMAO. said it! I love other languages, but I only speak English in a country where English is supposed to be the melting pot, united, come together as one people language.
    Love the idea - why didn't that come to us on our own to use a t-shirt for that kind of thing. would have rather grown up with old t-shirt pants rather than some of the hand me downs I(we)had for the most part.