Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shout out......

Help! I need some opinions Mr. Incredible and I went to an auction yesterday and while I wasnt looking he bought a pile of "stuff" in a corner for $1.00 yes o-n-e dollar or 100 pennies. When I realized what he did, I initially was upset, I said "No more junk to take home....ugh" he is known to bring home all the junk that NO-one else wants. As I was degrading him I peeked in a plastic bag amongst the pile of junk and instantly ate my words. It was SEWING STUFF ! Over 30 cross-stitch kits most un-opened, and a nice needlework stand. (The wooden ironing board was my find for $3.00). Anyways, back to my Shout out. I need some opinions here folks. A huge part of me would like to rip the kits apart and keep the fabulous embroidery floss and maybe find a use for the crosstitch fabric. AND then a part of me...............remembers that the first thing I ever learned to do with a needle was Counted Cross Stitch, forth grade afterschool program, Mrs. Forkey.
Now, I have since moved on and I am not particularly fond of cross stitch anymore, but I am sure that there are some folks who are. Yikes, do you know anyone who would love these, some, any, all, more than me? I am definatly keeping the stand because I do like to emroider. I tear them apart? or give them away? Please do let me know what you all think. Thanks


  1. oh my
    This is so perfect for Bizarre Bazaar but we aren't too close to Christmas. Can you bring to staff meeting tomorrow? Because that stuff is pretty cool. And the stand is expensive.

  2. Love the pet name...Mr. Incredible...hmmm - for a brother-in-law that is a stinker I don't know if I would call him that, lol. Really though, Kelly, he is pretty neat and it is his creativeness that urges him to get those 'piles' of junk and stuff you know! lol