Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pig Softie

With all the talk of Swine flu, I thought it would be good to get cozy with a safer variety. This is a pattern which was origanally made from felted wool on MarthaStewart.com but I had different ideas, I re-eally wanted him to have spots along with his flowers but I could not get friendly with the french knot and I was too lazy to google "french knots for dummies" . I think I may have to make another one because my son grabbed up on him to put in his locker at school?!?... well thats what he said, but I have been around long enough to know that 16 yr old guys don't just keep cute things in there lockers unless they plan on giving it to someone?? hmmm


  1. clearly time to install a locker cam. How come you haven't brought this to school?? In the spring we'll do farm animals. I vote you make a chicken next.

  2. okay, who in the world is signed into my computer?? I need a computer cam.