Friday, April 8, 2016

Scrub Top Re-Make

I bought a cute scrub top over the internet.
BIG mistake! I should know better than
to buy any brand that I have not tried on before.
This is the Re-make Picture
 This is the original look of the top (below). It was too tight
under the arms, too short and the pockets were too high.
a-n-d..... too late to return.
So I had two choices. Get rid of it, or re-make it :)
I removed the pockets, hem and sleeves.
I gave it more length by ironing out the original hem and 
adding some grey fabric to be folded under for the new hem.
Then I lowered the pockets as far as I could.
 Easy Peasy right? lol, well no. For starters I could not find
a pattern on Pinterest that I liked or that would work for the 
purpose of giving me more space under the arm.
I made my own......
fudged my way through uncharted territory.
after much frustration and experimenting. I accomplished
my goal. The shirt looks great, will work great for summer
and can be worn with a shirt underneath when it's cold.
Note to self. Stop buying clothes over the internet! 
and if  a shirt doesn't fit. Give it away.

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