Thursday, December 10, 2015

Monster Bib

Hooray, all my shopping is done,
gifts are all wrapped and the last of  the
Christmas sewing is done! Whew.......

This is a bib pattern I found on Pinterest
and the pattern can be found at Stubbornly Crafty
This was my first try, so it is a little wonky at 
the bottom, but it will do. I plan on making more.
It's just sew c-u-t-e!


  1. I need to go see your pinterest. Haven't done that lately. I am not done making/doing/buying/wrapping Christmas! I did make a bib at Thanksgiving and it was fun and fast. I have a snap press and snaps (plastic). Can you make some more and maybe we have another VPS monday and we can also put snaps on bibs? (or maybe you've already finished it with something else?)

    1. Actually, I used velcro. :) I am going to private message you on facebook about Mondays. I got a new Job :)