Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sewing Buddy

Meet my new sewing buddy!
The Hemostat!!!!

Dear Whom-ever reads my blog,
If you walk away with only one bit of info let it be that these are the most amazing things ever.
                                Love, Me 

Trying to stitch up that softy? hemostat
Trying to turn that long strip inside out? hemostat
Fabric to thick to pull that needle through? hemostat
I could go on...............
Anyways, THANK-YOU to my Good friend B
for giving them to me for Christmas :)


  1. you're so funny :)
    I take it you're over the worst of the yucks?

  2. she comments on other people's blogs?

    I have yet to use mine, but it is in a VERY safe spot for when the situation (which will probably be desperate) arrives.