Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hedgehog Pincushion

 I know this is not an original idea.
this prickley lil' guy is
 ALL over the web
in felt and fabric!

 This is my version and he is oooh so cute!

I made a nifty little pattern that
I was going to scan and post
BUT I have been to lazy to do.
 So if anyone is interested your just
going to have to leave a comment
 and beg me to post the pattern :)
I should have posted this sooner
I cannot remember how I put it all together
but an advanced sewer could probably figure it out
if I can be of any help just leave a comment.
Feel free to use any of my ideas/patterns as
you wish, My Blog is here as an encouragement
for others sewers.


  1. I'm not too proud to beg. *P*L*E*A*S*E* post the pattern! :-D

    1. I will post the pattern this weekend,we have been out of town,but I will post it as soon as possible :)

    2. I hope the pattern is helpful, sorry I don't have any instructions. I should have written them down when I did it.
      But it has been 5 yrs. Since I made it so I have only vague ideas of how I did it. I you have specific question just ask
      and I will give you the best answer I can. I hope it works out for you.