Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mitred Corners

I love learning new tricks! Here's the latest in step by step, because I know I'll forget how I did it :) Perfect Mitred Corners

1. Cut 4 fabric strips, making sure to add extra length depending on the width of the strip. My fabric strips are 3.5 inches wide. So I need to make sure my fabric goes over by 3.5 inches on each side. Mark 1/4 inch in from the striped(bottom)fabric, this will be where your stitch starts on one side and ends on the other.2. You should have a gap that looks something like this on both ends. keep fabric folded back like this for the next step.

3. Repeat the same process with all 4 strips of fabric.

4. Fold in half diagonaly and line up the overhang. In my case the extra 3.5 inches in each side.

5. Draw a line here and stitch on the line.

6. Trim access fabric

7. Press seams down. And you have perfect corners.

That was sooo easy and fun!

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