Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Trash to Treasure

A dear friend of mine was packing up to move away this past summer. While going through things she came across this old wooden sewing notions case. She asked me how much I would give her for it ? and I am not proud to say that I offered her $3.00 which she did accept, okay it is true....I am cheap.... and my friend is kind, but this is the result! I sanded it down lightly to brighten it up and with new fabric and olive jars I now have an amazing notions case.
I have looked on the internet to try to see if it is hand made or something that was mass produced. The only thing that I have is a cardboard insert from the early 1940's that says The Royal Tailors, Chicago Ill. I am not sure if someone randomly placed it in there when they made it or if it was purchased. Either way it is handy to have and I am grateful to someone elses creative whimsy.

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