Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Machines

This is my mothers old Brother sewing machine, yes the same one that made all of those fabulous doll clothes when I was little. I ressurected it from the junk pile this summer, and let me tell you it does a great job! I oiled it up and gave it a good workout, I now prefer to use this over my cheap singer. I sadly cannot find the feet that used to go with it, I looked on the internet in hopes of finding some, but it seems this old beast is all alone, I cant even find anything refering to it on the brother web site. If anyone knows where I could find some old attachments Id be very grateful.
This is the $99.00 singer that my husband bought for me a few years ago to get me started, it has served me well , but, after sewing this summer at the clothing factory, it feels very inadequite. I am ready for an upgrade.


  1. Hello... I too have a antique (putting it nicely) green sewing machine like the one you have posted. I am to looking for a new sewing machine... like the one you posted as a good starter... By any chance is that for sale?
    Thanks a million on the Rag Quilt Info.

  2. Candice, I am glad you recognize a good machine when you see one! This machine is not for sale, I would be lost without it. Even though I have yet to find any attachments for it, it is the machine I do all of my sewing on. I would recommend that you get ahold of your local Thrift stores and let them know that you are looking for an older machine. I see them at my local Thrift store all the time. Most of the time in excellent condition. Good luck

  3. I have the brother profile 821 also and I have had the hardest time finding the manual. Would you by any chance have a copy? you can email me at martinezm07@outlook.com Thanks in advance!!

    1. I had a pdf file saved to my old computer, I must not have transfered it over. So now I am missing the manual as well. there is a sight out there that has it I just have no idea how I found it in the first place or where to look. Sorry I could not be of more help.